Monday, 28 December 2009

TOC for The Zombist- Volume 1

Below is the TOC for The Zombist- Volume 1-

Eric S. Brown - "Autie's Last Stand"
Carey Burns - "Goldfield Has Gone To Hell"
James Roy Daley - "The Hanging Tree"
Jennifer R. Povey - "Ellis Ridge"
Jonathan Moon - "Notches On A Tomahawk"
Keith Gouveia - "Dead Tracks"
Pete Mesling - "Slipknot"
Shawn Cook - "Death At Finneman's Hollow"
William Wood - "Hands"
Bryan Hall - "The Bloody Ballad Of Buck & Larry"
Harper Hull - "The Undead Cattle Company"
Jeff Parish - "That Ain't A Mosey"
Jimmy Grist - "Moonville Elementary School"
John McCuaig - "Singer Of Spirits"
Michael C. Lea - "The Hot Springs Zombie Incident of 1875"
Robert Essig - "The Faint Ringing Of Bells"
T. Patrick Rooney - "The Scorched Hell"
Dan Omega - "Road To Hel"

My story- Singer of Spirits- is about a Witch Doctor who raises an undead army to get revenge on a gang who killed his family.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

TOC for Through the Eyes of the Undead

Here's the TOC for the next book I've been lucky enough to be accepted for. Once again its from the great Library of the Living Dead Press. Its a pretty impressive list I'm sure you'll agree.

I'll update when I get the cover, release date and the like.

John Malone -- Raising the Dead (poem)
Tim Long -- Your Rotted End
Harper Hull -- To Kill A Dead Girl Walking
Carey Burns -- Knock Once for Yes
Jason Shayer -- Fitful Rest
Westley Grey -- Slave in the Flesh
Rob Rosen -- Zombies Anonymous
Edward Morris -- I am Stretched on Your Grave
Brad Parton -- Never Grow Old
Paul A. Freeman -- A Z-mas Tale
Wayne Goodchild -- Home is Where the Heart is
Quinn Hernandez -- Luta's Last War
John McCuaig -- The Hunt
Ruth Imeson -- Professor Gorgon's Amazing Zoimbie Influence Machine
Chris Bartholomew -- Brain Waves
Stephanie Kincaid -- Carpachio and Coconut
Michael Penncavage -- Psycho-Analysis
Ciaran and Coal Corby -- Zombie has Chills
Dylan J. Morgan -- The Death of Red Anderson
Carl Hose -- Born Again
Jesus Morales -- The Last Fan
Deborah Walker -- The World is their Altar
Martin Rose -- Dead Man's Kiss
Bruce Barber -- The Last Last Call or Plan 8.5 from Outer Space
Linda Donehue -- In Extremus Venitas
William Todd Rose -- Black Market Funeral
Michael C. Lea -- Strand
J. Troy Seate -- The Return of Slade McCall
Sasha Pearl -- It's Okay, He's Already Dead
Vince Daemon -- A Final Death for the Dead?

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Updates, releases and rejections

Just a little update of where things are for this year-

Library of the Living Dead Press
Zombology II- Hunger RELEASED
Zombology III- Children of the Plague
Zombonauts- The Dead Planet RELEASED
Undead v Living Dead- Coming of Age
Letters from the Dead- The Last Tin
Flash- Family
Feary Tales- Peter and the Zombie
Through the eyes of the undead- The Hunt
Morons Guide- How to remain British
Zombist- The Singer Of Spirits
Night of the Giving Dead- Second Battle of Hastings

Library of Horror Press
Horrorology- Ruby
War Wolves- The World has Talent to Kill RELEASED
Scrolls of Anubis- Rise of Terefini
Vampology- Demons of Glencoe
Into the Void- Swarm

Pill Hill Press
The Bitter End- The Beastie of Loch Dhu RELEASED

For the Children- The 4 Horsemen
The Last Kiss- Dead Bells
Who were they- The Beast Unleashed


Hush Little Baby- Wolfology
A cry for help- Dark Moon Anthology
Ellie- Dead on Demand
The Zombie Games- Risen Cadaver

Zombonauts- also now available!!

31 creepy tales of zombies in space is now ready to buy. This is going to be a fantastic book! Link below-

The Wolves of War- now available!

This great book is now available, here's the link-

Here is also a great review from Sonar4- Please check it out- it's superb!!!!!

Saturday, 28 November 2009

The Bitter End- now available to buy

The Bitter End is now available to buy- link below. This should be a cracking read so order your copy today!

My story is "The Beastie of Loch Dhu"

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Church- an update

Just got to the halfway point with the edits for The Church. Louise is doing a great job with it but I must admit it's also been a little embarrassing seeing all the mistakes I've made! I knew that I probably put in too many extra words but I didn't realize how many! I'd guess I'll lose about 3-4,000 words off the final count. Ouch!

The story is now a lot tighter, sharper and moves at a far quicker pace.

This also shows me how much I need an independent editor. And more practice!!

I'll update again when the edits are done and Louise gives me her opinions on the story as a whole.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Zombist: Tales from the Undead West

Just got the good news that my story "The Singer of Spirits" has been accepted into this new anthology from Library of the Living Dead Press.

This book will contain stories set in the Wild West which also have a few zombies thrown in! My story is from the Indians point of view after a massacre.

I'll update when I get some more details.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Bitter End TOC

Here's an update from Pill Hill Press about The Bitter End

Working Table of Contents - The Bitter End: Tales of Nautical Terror (Subject To Change)
1. The Revel by Allen Wise
2. Driftwood by Michelle Bredeson
3. Deadliest Cachalot by Jameson T. Caine
4. Wellenkrieg by Stephen D. Rogers
5. My Dear Mrs. Jones by C.A. Verstraete
6. Lifeboat by Joel Arnold
7. Hanover's Gold by Kelly M. Hudson
8. With Open Arms by Patrick Rutigliano
9. Drift by Lucas Pederson
10. Food Chain by Laura Eno
11. Between the Devil and the Deep by Sam Battrick
12. Those Left Behind by Flora Winters
13. The World in Strips by D. Nathan Hilliard
14. Last Vacation by Kassi Shimek
15. Black Gold by Christopher Jacobsmeyer
16. The Occurrence Out At Sea by Jacob Henry Orloff
17. Blackbeard's Ragnarok by Alva J. Roberts
18. The Thing in the Crosstrees by Anne Maclachlan
19. Flotsam by Scott Harper
20. The Beastie of Loch Dhu by John McCuaig
21. Sirens' Folly by Jessica A. Weiss
22. The Devil Hunger by Bill Ward
23. Rescue by Rachelle Reese
24. Blood for Passage by Miles Boothe
25. Last One Standing by Anthony Giangregorio
26. Welcome to the Hotel Marianas by Mike Chinn
Working Annotation (Subject To Change):
Have you ever been afraid something is lurking beneath the murky surface of the water? In this horrifying anthology, something is!
Behold twenty-six short tales of nautical terror and prepare yourself to come face-to-face with The Bitter End. From ghosts to sea creatures, talking fish to shark attacks, cannibalism to man-eating bacteria, this horror anthology has something for anyone who has ever been nervous to get their feet wet.

Authors in this anthology include: Patrick Rutigliano, Jameson T. Caine, Lucas Pederson, Laura Eno, Sam Battrick, Stephen D. Rogers, John McCuaig, Jessica A. Weiss, Jacob Henry Orloff, Christopher Jacobsmeyer, Kelly M. Hudson, Michelle Bredeson, Miles Boothe, Allen Wise, Alva J. Roberts, Anthony Giangregorio, Anne Maclachlan, C.A. Verstraete, Joel Arnold, Mike Chinn, Kassi Shimek, D. Nathan Hilliard, Scott Harper, Bill Ward, Rachelle Reese & Flora Winters.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Ladies of Horror

Library of Horror Press is releasing a horror anthology for just female authors. Below is the TOC (its missing a couple but I'll update it shortly).

Well done to Doc Pus for putting together this book which will showcase these great ladies work. It's a must-buy.

Marian Halcombe - "The Lucia Rose Collection"
Jodi Lee - "Black & White"
Catherine J. Gardner - "Shiny Black Hearts"
Janett L. Grady - "Dead and Damned"
Elyse Salpeter - "Mr. and Mrs. Odd"
Lindsey Beth Goddard - "Hot Blooded"
Cinsearare S. - "Wrong"
nickie Rivers - "The Child Murderer"
Rhiannon Frater - "Vengeance"
Seanan McGuire - "Let's Pretend"
Victorya - "To Love a Monster
Holly Price-Jancart - "Beautiful Death"
Carey Ann Burns - "The Snipe Hunt"
Ellie Keen - "Loup Loup Garou"
Michelle McCrary - "River Runs True"
Natalie L. Sin - "Butterscotch"
Sasha Pearl - "August"
Tonia Brown - "Nearly Departed"
Sheri Gambino - "Venom"

I'll also update when I get the cover and release info.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Horrorology TOC

Here is the Table of Contents for Horrorology, coming soon from The Library of Horror Press.
This is in the process of being edited and I'll update with the cover and release date when I know. It looks like being a cracker, some superb authors in there.

Tom Hamilton - The Adversary
Mark M. Johnson - Mouser
T. Patrick Rooney - Alister Somerby
Derek Goodman - A Dance by Way of the Razor
Myrrym Davies - A Severe Disadvantage
John McCuaig - Ruby
Joel A. Sutherland - The Man Within the Beast
Jamie Eyberg - Undertow
Eric S. Brown - The Underneath
Doug Murano - Imitation of Life
Carey Burns - The Dark Ride
Patrick Rutigliano - The Grove
David Dunwoody - The New Curse
Brad Zipprich - Tattooed Sweets
Natalie L. Sin - Trouble by the Yard
Barry Napier - Notes on How it all Ended
John Grover - Projecting Evil
Jodi Lee - Thirsty
Dylan J. Morgan - The Passenger
Christopher Fulbright - Encounter on Old Temple Road
Sheri Gambino - Relik the Clown
David Chrison - The Woods, Dark and Deep
Keith Gouveia - Dealing with Death

My story, Ruby, follows a father trying to save his daughter from a curse that destroyed her mother.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Wolves of War Cover

Here is the cracking cover for Wolves of War.

This should be a fantastic collection- go buy one today!

My story, The World has Kill, is about a gameshow in the future where companies produce genetically created monsters to fight each other. We have the Vampire Nation, Zombie Horde, Frankenstiens Monsters and the reigning champions- The Werewolf Pack.

The book is out now on createspace- see link below. It should be available on Amazon in about a week and I'll add that link when it comes out.

##UPDATE##- Its now on amazon-

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Night of the Giving Dead

I've had a story "The Second Battle of Hastings" selected for the "Night of the Giving Dead" anthology by The Library of the Living Dead Press.

100% of the proceeds of this book go to charity- First Book. This is a great cause which supplies new books to needy and neglected children. Please have a look at their site.

I'll update with more news as it comes out.

Wolves of War TOC

Here is the TOC for Wolves of War- some great writers in there (and me!)

A.P Fuchs- World Were II
David Dunwoody- The Devil's Teardrop
Derek J Goodman- And the streets will run red with the blood of bunnies
Anthony Giangregorio- Adrift- A Werewolf Tale
Grayson Moran- Once we were
Casey Quinn- The Battle after the Apocalypse
Rhianon Frater- Fleeing
Franklin E Wales- Homecoming
John Grover- Under a Civil Moon
Timothy Long- Let loose the wolves of war
Alan Mendoza- FUNBAR
T. Patrick Rooney- Simon Midean
Dylan J Morgan- Overlord
John McCuaig- The world has kill
Thom Brannan + Victoria- Blood and belief
Tim Curran- Der Wulf
Lee Pletzers- Genetic Coding

This should be one hell of a book.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Bitter End

Here is the working cover art for "The Bitter End" from Pill Hill Press.

My story in this is called "The Beastie of Loch Dhu". This is set in 18th century Scotland where a monster preys on the local villagers who fish the loch. The chieftan puts together a group who set out to try and destroy the beastie once and for all.

I'll update when its released.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Zombonauts Cover

This is the cool cover for "Zombonauts", from The Library of the Living Dead, which I've been lucky enough to get a story in.

My tale is called "The Dead Planet" where a rescue mission goes to Mars to find out what happened to the now silent and seemingly deserted first manned base.

Friday, 9 October 2009

My daft doggies

Here's some pics of my two dogs, you'll also notice Pam in there with her dalmation pyjamas on!

Waiting for news

I've got four short stories submitted where I'm waiting for news-

The Last Kiss for Dead Bells- Library of Horror Press

Ellie for Dead on Demand- Triple Tree Press

Hush Little Baby for Wolfology- Library of the Living Dead Press

The Zombie Games for Risen Cadaver- Library of the Living Dead Press- this is a collaboration with Paul Freeman (Desertwomble) who to be honest did most of the work. Cheers to Paul!

I'll update as I hear yah or nay.

Kaitlin- my grandaughter

Here's a few pics of "boo", our wee angel of a grandaughter

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Upcoming releases

Just a little update of some of the acceptances I've had over the last few months-

Library of the Living Dead Press
Zombology II- Hunger
Zombology III- Children of the Plague
Zombonauts- The Dead Planet
Undead v Living Dead- Coming of Age
Letters from the Dead- I had to
Flash- Family
Through the eyes of the undead- The Hunt
Morons Guide- How to remain British

Library of Horror Press
Horrorology- Ruby
War Wolves- The World has Talent to Kill
Scrolls of Anubis- Rise of Terefini
Vampology- Demons of Glencoe
Into the Void- Swarm

Pill Hill Press
The Bitter End- The Beastie of Loch Dhu

I will update as they come out, giving a brief description of each story then.

The Church- an update

My first novel, a zombie tale called The Church, is being edited by the wonderful Louise Bohmer for The Library of the Living Dead Press.

It's the tale of a man stuck inside a fortified church after the zombie uprising. The church is controlled with an iron fist by a mad reverend and his "disciples". Are the real monsters inside or outside The Church?

I'll use the blog to give some updates of how we are getting on.

Louise has just sent back the edits for chapter 7. I cant begin to explain how good these edits are, taking my story to a much higher level. I was silly enough to think it was fairly well edited before but its more than a little embarrassing now seeing how many mistakes there are!

Zombology II

My very first published story has now appeared in Zombology II. Hunger is the story of a thief trapped in a jewellers surrounded by the undead. With no food the growing hunger drives him crazy with a deli in plain view just across the road. I'm so proud to be in this great book. Hopefully everyone who reads this anthology will enjoy it.

All new to this

This is my first attempt at a blog so apologies in advance! I have a few stories coming out in the next year including my first novel and hopefully this site will provide updates and news.