Monday, 28 December 2009

TOC for The Zombist- Volume 1

Below is the TOC for The Zombist- Volume 1-

Eric S. Brown - "Autie's Last Stand"
Carey Burns - "Goldfield Has Gone To Hell"
James Roy Daley - "The Hanging Tree"
Jennifer R. Povey - "Ellis Ridge"
Jonathan Moon - "Notches On A Tomahawk"
Keith Gouveia - "Dead Tracks"
Pete Mesling - "Slipknot"
Shawn Cook - "Death At Finneman's Hollow"
William Wood - "Hands"
Bryan Hall - "The Bloody Ballad Of Buck & Larry"
Harper Hull - "The Undead Cattle Company"
Jeff Parish - "That Ain't A Mosey"
Jimmy Grist - "Moonville Elementary School"
John McCuaig - "Singer Of Spirits"
Michael C. Lea - "The Hot Springs Zombie Incident of 1875"
Robert Essig - "The Faint Ringing Of Bells"
T. Patrick Rooney - "The Scorched Hell"
Dan Omega - "Road To Hel"

My story- Singer of Spirits- is about a Witch Doctor who raises an undead army to get revenge on a gang who killed his family.

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