Thursday, 23 September 2010

Eye Witness: Zombie- NOW OUT!

Eye Witness Zombie is now available on Amazon
This looks like being a cracking book with tales all about people reporting on the zombie outbreak. My story is Eye in the Sky which follows a helicopter team that instead of doing traffic reports they tell their listeners about any zombie hot spots so scavengers can be at least a little bit safer. But then things start to go wrong.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Last Train to Dover- Update #2

Got to the 40,000 mark tonight and still going strong I think or at the very least hope. Going a bit back and forth doing a few edits as I go along and I have introduced a couple of new characters towards the end. I'm also thinking a lot about a follow up to this book which got me thinking that I haven't done a short story for about five months! That was my first love so once this is completed that will be two novels in a row so I'll be giving them a break until next year. So short stories only for the next few months, I think the rest will do me good.