Thursday, 15 April 2010

Starting on my second novel

Now that The Church is pretty much completed apart from the covers I've started on my second novel.

Set in the 16th century Inca Empire its another view of how only a couple of hundred Conquistadors could defeat the most powerful empire on the planet.

It's a tale of greed, witchcraft, fear, and armies risen from hell.

The outline has been done and I'm up to about 7,000 words so far. I'll post some updates as this number rises.

The working title at the moment is Pyramid of the Dead but this will definitely change by the time its finished.

Friday, 9 April 2010

The Church- some blurbs for the cover

"The Church is a dark and chilling take on the zombie apocalypse that will surely leave you both disturbed and deeply moved!" - Eric S Brown, author of How the West Went to Hell and Bigfoot War.

John McCuaig's 'The Church' is more than just another zombie novel. It's tells us in lurid detail that come the apocalypse there's no such thing as sanctuary - that come the apocalypse the power-crazed go crazy. Paul A. Freeman - author of 'Rumours of Ophir' and 'Robin Hood and Friar Tuck - Zombie Killers'

The Church- cover synopsis

Just a little update- here's the synopsis for The Church that'll be on the cover-

They thought it was a sanctuary, a safe haven free from the clutches of the walking dead. Little did they know it was ruled with an iron fist by a crazed reverend and his disciples. Disobedience to his word meant banishment from its walls. And only death waited outside.

Sam Miller finds himself in the middle of its troubles. But he’s no hero, he’s just an ordinary man struggling to stay alive. As events both inside and outside the Church spiral out of control he fights to keep his promises, not only to himself but also to his friend.

The Church is a story of the undead, faith and mans need for power and control.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I've started a website

With my novel soon to be released I've took the plunge and started a website

I couldn't think of a cool title for it so just called it by my name. Please go over and have a look. I'm still building it up but please feel free to comment on how its looking.

I bought the domain name for $21 for 2 years and the site itself is done by Yola which is free. It seems not a bad deal :-)

On this site I hope to push my book, all my other anthologies that are now available or when they finally do. I also have a page for links so if anyone wants me to put something on there for them please just let me know.

As I said please comment on how it looks so far and how I can improve it.