Sunday, 28 February 2010

Interactive Zombie Movie

If you have never had a go at this before please do so now- its great fun. Each scene last a couple of minutes then you get a choice of what to do next e.g. run or hide.

First pics from the wedding

Here's some photo's from my beautiful step daughters wedding. I will post more later, these are just some that I took. Everything went really well and a fantastic day was had by all. I just need to recover now!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Another good review for Wolves of War

Please have a look at the review below for Wolves of War- another goodie!

Every review that I've seen so far has been great- go buy yourselves a copy.

The wedding is getting closer

Just over a week now to my step daughters wedding. Everything seems to be working out fine at the moment but still plenty of time for a few disasters! My speech is just about done- I keep tweaking it but its probably time to leave it now and get myself down to memorizing it.
Pam, my better half, has finally got a hat she is happy with and her dress is being adjusted a bit.
I pick up my kilt on Wednesday, we go to the hotel on Thursday to check everything is fine and then the wedding itself on Friday.
We're really looking forward to it, we can't wait.
I'll post a few pictures of the day when I can.