Friday, 9 October 2009

My daft doggies

Here's some pics of my two dogs, you'll also notice Pam in there with her dalmation pyjamas on!

Waiting for news

I've got four short stories submitted where I'm waiting for news-

The Last Kiss for Dead Bells- Library of Horror Press

Ellie for Dead on Demand- Triple Tree Press

Hush Little Baby for Wolfology- Library of the Living Dead Press

The Zombie Games for Risen Cadaver- Library of the Living Dead Press- this is a collaboration with Paul Freeman (Desertwomble) who to be honest did most of the work. Cheers to Paul!

I'll update as I hear yah or nay.

Kaitlin- my grandaughter

Here's a few pics of "boo", our wee angel of a grandaughter

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Upcoming releases

Just a little update of some of the acceptances I've had over the last few months-

Library of the Living Dead Press
Zombology II- Hunger
Zombology III- Children of the Plague
Zombonauts- The Dead Planet
Undead v Living Dead- Coming of Age
Letters from the Dead- I had to
Flash- Family
Through the eyes of the undead- The Hunt
Morons Guide- How to remain British

Library of Horror Press
Horrorology- Ruby
War Wolves- The World has Talent to Kill
Scrolls of Anubis- Rise of Terefini
Vampology- Demons of Glencoe
Into the Void- Swarm

Pill Hill Press
The Bitter End- The Beastie of Loch Dhu

I will update as they come out, giving a brief description of each story then.

The Church- an update

My first novel, a zombie tale called The Church, is being edited by the wonderful Louise Bohmer for The Library of the Living Dead Press.

It's the tale of a man stuck inside a fortified church after the zombie uprising. The church is controlled with an iron fist by a mad reverend and his "disciples". Are the real monsters inside or outside The Church?

I'll use the blog to give some updates of how we are getting on.

Louise has just sent back the edits for chapter 7. I cant begin to explain how good these edits are, taking my story to a much higher level. I was silly enough to think it was fairly well edited before but its more than a little embarrassing now seeing how many mistakes there are!

Zombology II

My very first published story has now appeared in Zombology II. Hunger is the story of a thief trapped in a jewellers surrounded by the undead. With no food the growing hunger drives him crazy with a deli in plain view just across the road. I'm so proud to be in this great book. Hopefully everyone who reads this anthology will enjoy it.

All new to this

This is my first attempt at a blog so apologies in advance! I have a few stories coming out in the next year including my first novel and hopefully this site will provide updates and news.