Thursday, 17 March 2011

My new project

I've started doing a collaboration novel with Sean T Page, author of The Official Zombie Handbook and founder of The Ministry of Zombies.

Don't want to go into too many details at the moment but the book will be set in the already established "Ministry of Zombies" universe. The title of the book is Meta-horde and its coming along very nicely at the moment. The outline has been done, and changed a few times. The word count is about 20k so far and ticking along pretty well. Its been a pleasure working with Sean and we both have high hopes for this project.

I'll post a few more updates as things progress.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Wish you were Undead

Here's the line up for Wild Wolf's forthcoming zombie anthology. Some really big names in there and its a huge honour to be alongside them. Twin teenagers (named Jack and Katie after my nephew and neice) are on one last holiday with their father before they start to do their own thing. When the dead start to rise it might be their last in more ways than one.

Dark Inside By Shaun Jeffrey

Squawk By Remy Porter

Jennifer By Iain McKinnon

Cherry By Tony Wright

A Side of Cranberry Sauce By Clyde Wolfe

Dig By Lee Kelly

Apocalypse Noo By Vallon Jackson (aka Matt Hilton)

Thanksgiving Feast By A.M. Boyle

Oatmeal Cookies By Eric Dimbleby

In The End By R. M. Cochran

Naked Fear By Tonia Brown

Undead Side of the Moon By Lyle Perez-Tinics

Storm Coming Down By Iain S Paton

Rockets’ Red Glare By Bowie V Ibarra

Zombie World Death Perception By Calvin A. L. Miller II

School’s Out By Derek Gunn

Guises By S. Michael Nash

Ladykiller By Ricki Thomas

Daddy Dearest By Dave Jeffery

Sleep Comes Does Never By A. P. Fuchs

Roman Holiday By David Dunwoody

Larry and Hank’s Big Dead Fishing Adventure By Eric S Brown

Home Is The Sailor, Home From The Sea By William Meikle

Burj By Nigel Hall

A Dark Moon Honeymoon By Rob Smith

The Last Trip Together By John McCuaig

The Day The Music Died By Joe McKinney

Wabigoon By James Cheetham

The Four Of July By Shawn M Riddle

The Zombie Whisperer By Bob Lock

The Day I Discovered The Truth About The Man In The Red Suit By R. Phillip Roberts

December In Florida By Asher Wismer

One Dead Whore By Wayne Simmons

Seahouses Slaughterhouse By Rod Glenn

And a special bonus short story by Night of the Living Dead co-writer, John Russo ‘The Walk-In’

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Another great review for The Church

Sonar4 Landing Dock Reviews just posted a wonderful review for The Church.

Please pop over to their site to have a look.

I'm really pleased with what they had to say.

Here is a part of what they said-
McCuaig adds a special way of dealing with survival at the end of the world. He shows people in the most human condition ever told in a story. Faith, hope and what people long for in a crisis is shown here with eloquence.

The Church is an eye opener for people to look at certain others in a position of authority where faith takes priority, where fear of dying will make you do almost anything, listen to anyone, follow anyone.

The Church is a page-turner. It is not only entertaining, but mind-blowing. It is one that I know I will read over and over again.