Thursday, 23 September 2010

Eye Witness: Zombie- NOW OUT!

Eye Witness Zombie is now available on Amazon
This looks like being a cracking book with tales all about people reporting on the zombie outbreak. My story is Eye in the Sky which follows a helicopter team that instead of doing traffic reports they tell their listeners about any zombie hot spots so scavengers can be at least a little bit safer. But then things start to go wrong.


  1. Just got my contributers copy and it contained some wonderful gifts! A fantastic certificate, a zombified drawing of myself, a full size print of the drawing to my story and another brilliant print of zombie children!
    A big thank you to Todd for sending all this stuff out.

  2. Hi John. I'm still waiting on "The Church" Any idea when its coming out. And there is a new tv series coming out in October called "Walking Dead". Looks flipping fantastic.

  3. Hi Christian, the insides are all done and formatted. The front and back cover pictures have been picked just need the titles and stuff added. My publisher has been busy for the last couple of months with it being convention season but expecting it any time now (I hope!)
    The "Walking Dead" does look great, I'm a big fan of the comics so really hope it works.

  4. I got "eye witness zombie" last night from Amazon lastnight. Read the first two. The first one was oka but the 2nd one was very good .Liked it. Not read yours yet but I know its gonna be good. . You should get yourself on facebook. Some of SV are on there. You have my email so let me know when the church is out.And who knows it may be on tv in 2 years time.. Would be good series. I'm so looking forward to "the walking dead". There is a clip on youtube. Listen all the best mate.