Wednesday, 23 December 2009

TOC for Through the Eyes of the Undead

Here's the TOC for the next book I've been lucky enough to be accepted for. Once again its from the great Library of the Living Dead Press. Its a pretty impressive list I'm sure you'll agree.

I'll update when I get the cover, release date and the like.

John Malone -- Raising the Dead (poem)
Tim Long -- Your Rotted End
Harper Hull -- To Kill A Dead Girl Walking
Carey Burns -- Knock Once for Yes
Jason Shayer -- Fitful Rest
Westley Grey -- Slave in the Flesh
Rob Rosen -- Zombies Anonymous
Edward Morris -- I am Stretched on Your Grave
Brad Parton -- Never Grow Old
Paul A. Freeman -- A Z-mas Tale
Wayne Goodchild -- Home is Where the Heart is
Quinn Hernandez -- Luta's Last War
John McCuaig -- The Hunt
Ruth Imeson -- Professor Gorgon's Amazing Zoimbie Influence Machine
Chris Bartholomew -- Brain Waves
Stephanie Kincaid -- Carpachio and Coconut
Michael Penncavage -- Psycho-Analysis
Ciaran and Coal Corby -- Zombie has Chills
Dylan J. Morgan -- The Death of Red Anderson
Carl Hose -- Born Again
Jesus Morales -- The Last Fan
Deborah Walker -- The World is their Altar
Martin Rose -- Dead Man's Kiss
Bruce Barber -- The Last Last Call or Plan 8.5 from Outer Space
Linda Donehue -- In Extremus Venitas
William Todd Rose -- Black Market Funeral
Michael C. Lea -- Strand
J. Troy Seate -- The Return of Slade McCall
Sasha Pearl -- It's Okay, He's Already Dead
Vince Daemon -- A Final Death for the Dead?

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