Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Updates, releases and rejections

Just a little update of where things are for this year-

Library of the Living Dead Press
Zombology II- Hunger RELEASED
Zombology III- Children of the Plague
Zombonauts- The Dead Planet RELEASED
Undead v Living Dead- Coming of Age
Letters from the Dead- The Last Tin
Flash- Family
Feary Tales- Peter and the Zombie
Through the eyes of the undead- The Hunt
Morons Guide- How to remain British
Zombist- The Singer Of Spirits
Night of the Giving Dead- Second Battle of Hastings

Library of Horror Press
Horrorology- Ruby
War Wolves- The World has Talent to Kill RELEASED
Scrolls of Anubis- Rise of Terefini
Vampology- Demons of Glencoe
Into the Void- Swarm

Pill Hill Press
The Bitter End- The Beastie of Loch Dhu RELEASED

For the Children- The 4 Horsemen
The Last Kiss- Dead Bells
Who were they- The Beast Unleashed


Hush Little Baby- Wolfology
A cry for help- Dark Moon Anthology
Ellie- Dead on Demand
The Zombie Games- Risen Cadaver


  1. You've had a busy year. Congratulations!

  2. Also rejected by Dead Bells
    Also waiting on Wolfology/Dead on Demand too!
    That, Sir, is a good year's list!
    Here's to 2010 and much writing!