Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Ladies of Horror

Library of Horror Press is releasing a horror anthology for just female authors. Below is the TOC (its missing a couple but I'll update it shortly).

Well done to Doc Pus for putting together this book which will showcase these great ladies work. It's a must-buy.

Marian Halcombe - "The Lucia Rose Collection"
Jodi Lee - "Black & White"
Catherine J. Gardner - "Shiny Black Hearts"
Janett L. Grady - "Dead and Damned"
Elyse Salpeter - "Mr. and Mrs. Odd"
Lindsey Beth Goddard - "Hot Blooded"
Cinsearare S. - "Wrong"
nickie Rivers - "The Child Murderer"
Rhiannon Frater - "Vengeance"
Seanan McGuire - "Let's Pretend"
Victorya - "To Love a Monster
Holly Price-Jancart - "Beautiful Death"
Carey Ann Burns - "The Snipe Hunt"
Ellie Keen - "Loup Loup Garou"
Michelle McCrary - "River Runs True"
Natalie L. Sin - "Butterscotch"
Sasha Pearl - "August"
Tonia Brown - "Nearly Departed"
Sheri Gambino - "Venom"

I'll also update when I get the cover and release info.

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