Monday, 9 November 2009

Horrorology TOC

Here is the Table of Contents for Horrorology, coming soon from The Library of Horror Press.
This is in the process of being edited and I'll update with the cover and release date when I know. It looks like being a cracker, some superb authors in there.

Tom Hamilton - The Adversary
Mark M. Johnson - Mouser
T. Patrick Rooney - Alister Somerby
Derek Goodman - A Dance by Way of the Razor
Myrrym Davies - A Severe Disadvantage
John McCuaig - Ruby
Joel A. Sutherland - The Man Within the Beast
Jamie Eyberg - Undertow
Eric S. Brown - The Underneath
Doug Murano - Imitation of Life
Carey Burns - The Dark Ride
Patrick Rutigliano - The Grove
David Dunwoody - The New Curse
Brad Zipprich - Tattooed Sweets
Natalie L. Sin - Trouble by the Yard
Barry Napier - Notes on How it all Ended
John Grover - Projecting Evil
Jodi Lee - Thirsty
Dylan J. Morgan - The Passenger
Christopher Fulbright - Encounter on Old Temple Road
Sheri Gambino - Relik the Clown
David Chrison - The Woods, Dark and Deep
Keith Gouveia - Dealing with Death

My story, Ruby, follows a father trying to save his daughter from a curse that destroyed her mother.

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