Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Wolves of War TOC

Here is the TOC for Wolves of War- some great writers in there (and me!)

A.P Fuchs- World Were II
David Dunwoody- The Devil's Teardrop
Derek J Goodman- And the streets will run red with the blood of bunnies
Anthony Giangregorio- Adrift- A Werewolf Tale
Grayson Moran- Once we were
Casey Quinn- The Battle after the Apocalypse
Rhianon Frater- Fleeing
Franklin E Wales- Homecoming
John Grover- Under a Civil Moon
Timothy Long- Let loose the wolves of war
Alan Mendoza- FUNBAR
T. Patrick Rooney- Simon Midean
Dylan J Morgan- Overlord
John McCuaig- The world has kill
Thom Brannan + Victoria- Blood and belief
Tim Curran- Der Wulf
Lee Pletzers- Genetic Coding

This should be one hell of a book.

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