Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Bitter End TOC

Here's an update from Pill Hill Press about The Bitter End

Working Table of Contents - The Bitter End: Tales of Nautical Terror (Subject To Change)
1. The Revel by Allen Wise
2. Driftwood by Michelle Bredeson
3. Deadliest Cachalot by Jameson T. Caine
4. Wellenkrieg by Stephen D. Rogers
5. My Dear Mrs. Jones by C.A. Verstraete
6. Lifeboat by Joel Arnold
7. Hanover's Gold by Kelly M. Hudson
8. With Open Arms by Patrick Rutigliano
9. Drift by Lucas Pederson
10. Food Chain by Laura Eno
11. Between the Devil and the Deep by Sam Battrick
12. Those Left Behind by Flora Winters
13. The World in Strips by D. Nathan Hilliard
14. Last Vacation by Kassi Shimek
15. Black Gold by Christopher Jacobsmeyer
16. The Occurrence Out At Sea by Jacob Henry Orloff
17. Blackbeard's Ragnarok by Alva J. Roberts
18. The Thing in the Crosstrees by Anne Maclachlan
19. Flotsam by Scott Harper
20. The Beastie of Loch Dhu by John McCuaig
21. Sirens' Folly by Jessica A. Weiss
22. The Devil Hunger by Bill Ward
23. Rescue by Rachelle Reese
24. Blood for Passage by Miles Boothe
25. Last One Standing by Anthony Giangregorio
26. Welcome to the Hotel Marianas by Mike Chinn
Working Annotation (Subject To Change):
Have you ever been afraid something is lurking beneath the murky surface of the water? In this horrifying anthology, something is!
Behold twenty-six short tales of nautical terror and prepare yourself to come face-to-face with The Bitter End. From ghosts to sea creatures, talking fish to shark attacks, cannibalism to man-eating bacteria, this horror anthology has something for anyone who has ever been nervous to get their feet wet.

Authors in this anthology include: Patrick Rutigliano, Jameson T. Caine, Lucas Pederson, Laura Eno, Sam Battrick, Stephen D. Rogers, John McCuaig, Jessica A. Weiss, Jacob Henry Orloff, Christopher Jacobsmeyer, Kelly M. Hudson, Michelle Bredeson, Miles Boothe, Allen Wise, Alva J. Roberts, Anthony Giangregorio, Anne Maclachlan, C.A. Verstraete, Joel Arnold, Mike Chinn, Kassi Shimek, D. Nathan Hilliard, Scott Harper, Bill Ward, Rachelle Reese & Flora Winters.

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