Monday, 2 August 2010

New project- The Last Train to Dover

I've just started another novel!
This is called The Last Train to Dover, its a zombie tale about the start of the outbreak. When it all kicks off in London one final train is set off to Dover to meet up with a ship to take them over the sea to France. This train is full of VIPs but the main characters of the story manage to smuggle themselves on board.
Its basically a real time story of the first day of the outbreak and the race to get away before its too late. Its the first time that I've tried to do a novel around one day, it'll sure be interesting to see how it goes :-)
The outline and character backgrounds are done and the first few words are down on paper.
I'll keep you updated on how things are going.


  1. Lovely idea! Look at you being all prolific!

  2. Cheers matey, and being prolific might just mean its a whole lot of rubbish!