Monday, 21 June 2010

Pyramid of the Dead- Yet another update

Hit the 40,000 mark this morning. A little bit behind on my target but I'm still very happy at the way things are going. I went back and done a lot of edits of early chapters as when I was trying to write some new stuff it was playing on my mind. This is not the text book way of doing things but I suppose whatever works best for the individual should be the right thing to do.

So the story so far- first quarter of the book seems about right apart from a full edit by someone else, second quarter still needs a little work but is pretty close and the last half has some chapters done in first draft and a couple that are only a paragraph long.

I'm still hoping to get it finished by mid July but it's probably going to be closer to the end of the month.

I'll update again when I hit the 50,000 and who knows I may even have decided on a title by then.

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