Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Eye Witness: Zombie

Just got news that I've had a story accepted for Eye Witness: Zombie for May December Publications. This is a quite new publisher and they seem to have a huge hunger and desire to succeed so best wishes to them. All of these story are first person from people reporting on the Apocalypse for TV or radio etc. My story is called "Eye in the Sky" and follows a helicopter reporter who instead of doing traffic jams he tells people of any hot spots full of zombies.

Here is the TOC-

1 Tonia Brown Doomsday Ramblings
2 Patrick D’Orazio A Soldiers Lament
3 William Wood Childish Things
4 Lyle Perez Dead of Old
5 Kris Ashton Mere Symptoms of Living
6 Brad Zipprich Hunt Through the Night
7 Stephanie Kincaid All In Your Head
8 Billy Lederman The Nightmare
9 Tony Monchinski Run Through the Jungle
10 Nikki Sedlock Dredge
11 Mike Harrison One Nation Undead
12 John McCuaig Eye in the Sky
13 Michael A. Shaffer Embedded
14 Sean Hoade Dead Man’s Hand; Or, Reviva Las Vegas!
15 Ron Harris Baby Killer

The publisher has a few "surprises" lined up and I'll update you as they happen.

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