Monday, 31 May 2010

Pyramid of the Dead- Another update

Just hit the 30,000 mark tonight. It should really be a bit more by now but I've been going back over some of the previous chapters as I've been moving along.

It also looks like the final total as it stands may be as low as 45-50,000 which I believe is a little too short. As I go over the story board/plan I don't want to just pad out what I've wrote so far so I'm looking at adding another story arc to the proceedings. This will add another chapter or two plus give me some more meat to add to the already written or planned work. I would like it to be about 60-70,000 when complete.

I just need to be careful that it doesn't come across as just tacked on to build up the count and that it does something for the story. I'll keep on updating as I go along and let you know how this works out.

p.s I still haven't decided on a title!

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