Saturday, 22 December 2012

2012- A pretty good year- 2013 will be better.

Just thought I'd post a little run down of my work over the past year.

I've pushed on with my novels this year and to my delight I've managed to get three published. I've not done many short stories although I did publish a collection that I had ready to go in various anthologies for the Library of the Living Dead Press until they hit the rocks. So, I'll give a little run down of each and a summary of how they are doing.

Meta-Horde, a collaboration with the great Sean Page, published by Severed Press. I'm really proud of this book, its an old fashioned "ripping yarn" set a few years after the zombie uprising. When just as they started to believe things couldn't get any worse they make a shocking discovery. It has been very well received by the critics although I'm slightly disappointed by the sales, not being big headed but I thought this would be a huge seller. Even so its ticking along and hopefully it will really kick off soon as word gets around.

Escape from Dead City, published by Severed Press. Set in the first 24 hours we follow two sisters, in real time, as they try to escape London and the ever growing hordes. This has been by far my best seller but strangely hasn't received many reviews.It's been in the top 100 for Horror/Occult on for most of the past month.

Pyramid of the Dead, again published by Severed Press, this is I hope a very different take on the zombie genre. Set in the 16th century its another take on the historical mystery of how a few hundred Spanish Conquistadors defeated the mighty Incan Empire. Sales have been pretty grim, maybe its just a little too different? Not sure but I'll be giving it a big push next year.

Children of the Plague, a short story collection, self published on Amazon. I released this as part of an experiment as I'd never done self-pub before and I'm fairly happy how it turned out. Most of the stories revolve our younger people and are over a few genres, zombie, vampire, werewolf and sci-fi.

Next year, looking like January 15th, Post Mortem Press will publish my supernatural thriller Fallen Angel. This a long way away from my usual work and I'm really looking forward to how its received,  Currently I am working on the follow up to Escape from Dead City which is called The Last Hope, this is about half done. And the follow up to Fallen Angel called Rise of the Valkyrie, this has been a challenge, I was over half done then chucked most of it away- it was pretty rough to be honest- I've changed the whole story line and unfortunately this has put it back to only about 25% done.

I also want to get back to some short stories- I think another collection.

Most importantly next year Pam and I are eventually getting married. Now that IS something to look forward to :-) I've got lots of family coming down from Scotland for the big day so there should be plenty of fun!

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