Sunday, 16 September 2012

MetaHorde has been released!

After almost 18 months of hard work from Sean Page and myself, our collab novel MetaHorde is finally here. I'm really proud of what we have achieved and I can't wait to hear what our readers have to say.


The year 2020 was a good one for the walking dead.

The initial reports of a mysterious plague reanimating corpses caused unbridled chaos and as the world descended into hell, nations turned on each other in the battle to survive.

Europe is devastated. The remnants of NATO managed to create safe zones within cities that still had the protection of medieval built stonewalls. Once again, these ancient bastions were a sanctuary from invaders, keeping back the dead legions.

The rest of the continent was a dead zone - populated by hundreds of millions of walking corpses.

The medieval fortress-city of Carcassonne, in Southern France, became the headquarters of the living but as the last pockets of human survivors rebuilt the fragile framework of a new society, one man discovers a terrifying secret. So far, what has happened is only the beginning. Humanity now faces a true extinction level event. The dead are clustering in massive numbers.

Mere walls can't defend against the overwhelming force of the meta-horde.

"Metahorde takes the zombie apocalypse to a realistic and terrifying level. Buckle up because once you start, there are no rest breaks."
- Suzanne Robb, Author of Z-Boat and Contaminated.

"A visceral gore fest done right. The constant tension and suspense leaves you gritting your teeth. I loved it. My kind of read."
- P. A. Douglas, author of Epidemic of the Undead

"Metahorde grips you from the beginning, dragging you through the doomed trenches of the gathering undead. It's exciting and terrifying -- humanity doesn't stand a chance."
 - Rebecca Besser, Author of Undead Drive-Thru and Nurse Blood.

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