Thursday, 3 November 2011

Twisted Library- Anthologies cancelled.

Due to the poor financial conditions the Twisted Library (Library of the Living Dead and Library of Horror)have cancelled all of their unpublished anthologies. I'm a huge fan of its owner, Doctor Pus, and this is a very sad turn of events but hopefully this action will in the long run save the Library from fully closing. It does however give me lots of stories back, these include-
4 x zombie short stories
2 x zombie flash
1 x zombie poem!
1 x zombie v vampire mash up
1 x vampire short story
1 x werewolf short story
A couple of these stories are actually some of my best work ever so its pretty sad. It all comes to about 25,000 words now without a home, not sure what to do with them yet, might even hold onto them for a while, add to them and maybe even one day put them out as an e-book collection. I might even self published them for a pound or so a go.
What do you think?

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