Monday, 14 February 2011

A little update

I suppose to help myself as well I've knocked up this little update as to what I'm upto at the moment.


Pyramid of the Dead- accepted by the LotLD- just waiting for the editor to get in touch.

The Last Train to Dover- now completed, I've been lucky enough to get 3 beta readers to give it the once over before it goes into the next editing stage. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they think.

I've also started my next novel-
Daemon:Fallen Angel
Which is nothing to do with zombies! This is a supernatural thriller/horror and the outline is just about done. More details to come.

Some possible big news coming up- I can't say much yet but having discussions with a British writer/publisher about doing a collab novel set in an already well established zombie "world". I'm really excited about this but don't want to jinx it until its all been agreed- hopefully watch this space.
If this goes ahead it will no doubt go ahead of Daemon:Fallen Angel


Still doing a few and waiting to hear from about half a dozen. The great news is an acceptance from Wild Wolf Publishing for a little story called The Last Trip. This is about two teenagers away on the last holiday with their father before they get too old. But when the zombies attack it might be their last in more ways than one. There are some great authors in this one already, I'll update a bit more when the list comes out.

Speak to you soon.

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