Sunday, 3 January 2010

I've got to do a speech!!

My stepdaughter has asked me to do a speech at her wedding on the 26th of February. It's a great honour to be asked but to be honest I'm more than a bit nervous! I am not good at any sort of public speaking.
I've had a quick look at some examples on-line and just ordered a book to help but it hasn't really made me any more confident.
It seems practice makes perfect (and some alcohol!)
I'll update how I get on and of course post some pics of the wedding. Apologies in advance for my knees- I'll be wearing a kilt on the day.


  1. Hi John, saw you were following my blog, so thought I'd pop across to yours!

    I hate public-speaking, every time I have to read out my work in front of an audience I get all tongue-tied. I keep telling people - I'm a writer, not a reader!!

    I'm sure you'll be fine though, oil yourself with booze, that's the answer! :D

  2. Agreed, on the writer-not-a-speaker part. I do much better communicating when I've got a keyboard between me and my audience.

    John, just remind yourself that those words are in there and you will do fine.

  3. Thanks for the boost folks. Started writing and recording it to see what its like.
    Not too good so far but plenty of time to get it sorted- hopefully!

  4. Good luck with it, but mostly have some fun. I am not a public speaker and I was a best man at one of my brother's weddings and had to give a speech. I did prepare with notes and all, but admit had some spirits before the event which helped to calm the nerves. Again just have yourslef and think of who adn what you are doing it for.